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STICUSA 1948-1955

Stichting Culturele Samenwerking - Foundation for Cultural Cooperation

1948 saw the establishment of the Sticusa by the Reinink Commission. A foundation for cultural cooperation, Sticusa aimed at encouraging cultural life in the Dutch colonies. Its efforts included exchange programmes and were based on mutual respect. The Sticusa’s headquarters were located in Amsterdam, with C.Meuleman as its director while Professor Logeman was appointed chairman of the foundation. There was an office in Djakarta too (with O. Mohr, Anton Koolhaas and Henk de Bie among its staff) and at the so-called ‘Fort Rotterdam’ at Makassar on the island of Celebes. Activities included involvement in education, radio and films and contributions to the press and the library. The concerts that were organised (including concerts of gramophone music) were often preceded by performances for the young. Actual student exchange programmes failed to materialise due to the indolence on the part of the Indonesian government who refrained from inviting students from the Netherlands.

Artists who performed and made concert tours to Java included the pianist Walter Gieseking and Roberto Ricci. The Sticusa was associated with the NIWIN. On the initiative of pianist Frans Szabo and in collaboration with the Sticusa a music school was founded, the ‘Sekola Musik’ in Djakarta (director Rudy Laban). The ‘Yayasan Pendikan Musik’ celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2002. Concerts were given in the so-called Erasmushuis, a subdivision of the Dutch Embassy.

Sticusa Indonesia was dismantled in 1956 when the Dutch government no longer funded its activities. As of that year the foundation focused its efforts on Surinam, the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.

From: "Groot geld tegen klein geld" (1988). Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag.


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