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Bé Feldbrugge          Print Version/Afdruk Versie

Bé Feldbrugge was born in 1927 in Groningen from musical parents. Both played the violin and mother Aagje Heyn accompanied so called silent films on the piano for some time.

A lot of time was given to house music and a string quartet was formed. Later they also played with the orchestra of the amateur operetta company.

With interruptions, Feldbrugge followed violin lessons at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and he graduated in 1952. Alternately, he was the leader of several orchestras, solo-altviolinist and violinist of the R.Ph. Orchestra of Batavia. For years he played in the Dutch Chamber Orchestra which was conducted by the renowned Szymon Goldberg. He was active in the field of chamber music and formed a much beloved violin-pianoduo with his wife Elisabeth van Asbeck. From 1976 – 1970 they were both employed by the Aruban school of music. In 1979, they did a concert tour in Indonesia to give recitals and workshops. Bé Feldbrugge retired in 1987 as a radio musician, but, together with Frans Schreuders, he still researches into the subject of the music life of the East.

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