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Frans Schreuder          Print Version/Afdruk Versie

Frans Schreuder was born in 1930 in Batavia, in the Dutch East Indies. During the Japanese occupation he was interned in, respectively, women’s camp Tjideng, boy’s camp Grogol, and men’s camp Tjimahi 4/9. In 1946 he repatriated, and after finishing secondary school (HBS-B) he studied the piano at the conservatory. He was employed by the school of music as head of the piano department, and by the conservatory of Rotterdam. He did administrative and editorial work for, amongst others, EPTA, European Piano Teachers Association (the Dutch department), of which he is a honorary member.

He still writes articles and gives lectures about, amongst others, Western music and concert life in the Dutch East Indies. He also co-operated in radiobroadcasts about this subject and still does research on this topic. At the moment, Frans Schreuder is writing a chapter for general book about music in concentration camps. This chapter is called: "Stranded on Java: the piano-violinduo Lili Kraus – Szymon Goldberg". He also co-operated in the biography of Lili Kraus, that was published in 2000.

For more information check: "The process is at least as important as the result. Valedictory interview with Frans Schreuder", Piano Bulletin EPTA, 1999 nr. 3.

Print Version/Afdruk Versie